The Burgess Group CEO, Greg Burgess: From Music Career to Crisis Leadership, and the Journey in Between

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Greg discusses his early days as a professional musician and shows how creativity and problem-solving helped transition his career into software development, and led him to working in healthcare, helping providers and patients by innovating payment data. He discusses developing new, data-enabled products and using advancements in tech to expand a company footprint.

Podcast Guest

Burgess Greg

Greg Burgess


The Burgess Group, LLC

Greg founded The Burgess Group, LLC in 1997 with a bold vision to improve the American healthcare system by reinventing the way payment data is consumed and leveraged between payers and providers. Under his leadership, the company has grown from a handful of employees to a national brand that serves many of the largest payers in the nation. Combining a background in software engineering with 29 years of experience in the healthcare industry, he focuses on building deep client relationships, creating innovative products, and directing a boundary-pushing organization. He spoke at the 2019 AHIP Institute and Expo on “The Path to Point-of-Service Payment Success,” highlighting the role that payers and technology partners play in moving the healthcare industry toward accurate point-of-care payments and has structured the company’s research and development roadmap toward this goal.

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