Spry CEO and Co-founder Pierre-Jean Cobut Shares Strategy to ‘Loop’ in Chronically Ill Patients

Breaking Health Podcast | Episode 108


Co-founder Pierre-Jean Cobut shares the story of Spry Health, the developer of the Loop wristband that will continuously track the Vital Signs of chronically ill patients while they’re living life outside the hospital. “Care is moving to the home,” Cobut says. “But you can’t do that without knowing what is happening to people.” Hear where Spry sees opportunity in healthcare and how the FDA factors into its plan.

Podcast Guest

Pierre-Jean Cobut

Pierre-Jean Cobut


Spry Health

Pierre-Jean Cobut is the co-founder of Spry Health, a start-up set to deliver on the promise of wearables in clinical settings. Spry’s Loop System measures and analyzes cardiovascular, respiratory, and metabolic functions continuously and non-invasively to enable physicians, researchers and patients an unparalleled level of insight and care. Cobut founded Spry Health while earning his MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. His previous experience includes founding a European B2B hardware startup and finance and strategy for Proctor & Gamble.

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