RxBenefits on Helping Mid-Sized Employers Reduce their Pharmacy Spend

April 28, 2021


Breaking Health Episode 140


Having started working in the healthcare space directly after graduating, Bryan quickly learned the ins and outs of health insurers, broker distribution, and self-insurers. After a decade in the industry, Bryan decided to pivot to a much smaller company and became both the CEO and just the 3rd employee at RxBenefits in 2005. He then realized the opportunity to help smaller, self-insured companies handle their pharmacy benefits by carving those out. RxBenefits developed a platform connected directly to the major Pharmacy Benefit Manager systems, which enabled them to directly and cost-effectively ingest claims and operate as an apparent larger entity. This approach helped them deliver mid-market employers an average direct pharmacy savings of 27% and an indirect clinical savings of 10% per year. Hear host Steve Krupa chat with Bryan on his transition to a much smaller company, how RxBenefits has leveraged their niche in pharmacy benefits for mid-sized companies, and Bryan’s vision for the company’s future.

Podcast Guest

Bryan Statham

Bryan Statham

Bryan Statham joined RxBenefits in 2005, drawing upon a successful career in the healthcare and pharmacy benefits industry at companies such as Complete Health and UnitedHealthCare. Based on Bryan’s experience, it became clear to him that being an expert in optimizing pharmacy benefits for self-insured employers requires constant, ongoing learning or your knowledge and ability to create value will quickly expire. He is passionate about sharing what he knows with RxBenefits’ growing leadership team and the employee benefit consultants they serve, which has fueled both the company’s record growth and its extraordinary client retention rate.