Founder and CEO John Kao on how Alignment Healthcare is Taking Care of Seniors like You’d Want Your Parents Treated

August 18, 2021


Breaking Health Episode 146


John Kao is a seasoned entrepreneur and executive. After beginning his career at FHP International, he then started four other companies in succession: Secure Horizons USA, PacifiCare Health Systems, The TriZetto Group, and CareMore Medical Enterprises, before then being compelled to found Alignment Healthcare. Alignment’s origin is a bit more personal to John though, as the business idea arose from his and his mother’s experiences as she had a heart attack. After experiencing a lack of consistency around clinical information, particularly post-discharge home healthcare; poor communication post-discharge about cardiac rehab; and medication mismatches pre- vs. post-hospitalization, John felt he couldn’t be the only one going through this, so he started Alignment Healthcare. He felt there was a huge need for proactive care at the home and/or virtually for the 20% of seniors who are frail or have polychronic conditions, and that the cost savings arising from providing better care for this population could be reinvested in the other 80%. Tune into this episode to learn more about Alignment Healthcare’s origins, its unique business model, its strong values, and the healthcare market’s response to the now-public company, plus a candid conversation about some of the most valuable lessons John has learned transitioning from an entrepreneur to a CEO.

Podcast Guest

John Kao

John Kao
Founder & CEO
Alignment Healthcare

John Kao is Founder and CEO of Alignment Healthcare, a consumer-centric platform delivering customized health care in the United States to seniors and those who need it most, the chronically ill and frail, through its Medicare Advantage plans. Mr. Kao has had a long career committed to the healthcare industry and has served in executive roles at CareMore Medical Enterprises, The TriZetto Group, PacifiCare Health Systems, Secure Horizons USA, and FHP International. Mr. Kao believes strongly in the tenets of servant leadership and serves on various boards of non-profit organizations. He received his bachelor’s degree from Santa Clara University and his MBA from UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management.