CEO Ardy Arianpour Says Seqster Will Unite Healthcare Data, Empower Patients, and Lower Costs

Breaking Health Podcast | Episode 130


In this podcast, Ardy Arianpour, CEO of Seqster (pronounced Seekster), shares the origin story for creating what he calls, “the of health care.” Seqster is creating a clear, direct, one-password-only channel between patients and ALL their healthcare data – EHR, genetic and fitness, etc. The start-up is marking its offering to payers and providers and already has secured access to data from 3,000 hospitals and 45,000 physician offices as well as DNA Labs and data-collecting Medtechs like ResMed and DexCom. Hear Arianpour vision for the future of healthcare data.

Podcast Guest

Ardy Arianpour

Ardy Arianpour

CEO & Co-Founder


Ardy Arianpour CEO & Co-Founder of Seqster, consumer driven healthcare technology platform that enables individuals to aggregate their EHR, genomics and fitness data in one place and share with their family creating a multi-generational health record. Prior to starting Seqster, Ardy launched several clinical and consumer-based genetic tests as CCO of Pathway Genomics, and SVP of Ambry Genetics that sold to Konica for $1B in 2017. He is one of the main architects in launching the first commercial clinical exome sequencing test in 2011, establishing the value of next-gen sequencing in the clinic. As a key player in the 2013 landmark SCOTUS decision scrapping gene patents, Ardy played an instrumental role in expanding genetic testing access with the launch of BRCA testing benefiting patients and family members across the country. Ardy received his BS in Biological Sciences from UC Irvine and an MBA from Marshall Goldsmith School of Management.

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