Can Suki Be the Largest, Most Interesting Tech Company Ever Built? Ask CEO Punit Soni

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Punit Soni’s LinkedIn profile includes Intel, Google, and Motorola. But Soni tells the Breaking Health podcast that he believes the “largest, most interesting” tech company will be in health care. Can Suki be that company? Soni sees an enormous opportunity to help physicians be physicians by replacing keyboards with AI-enabled digital assistants that can record electronic health record (HER) documentation. Can this digital assistant improve patient care and reduce physician burnout by getting docs away from data entry and back to doctoring? “We want the doctors to be the bosses of their own lives,” Soni says. “They need to rediscover the joy of practicing medicine.” Suki already is an interesting company to watch.

Podcast Guest

Punit Soni

Punit Soni

Co-founder & CEO


Punit Soni is the Co-founder and CEO of Suki, a startup that is using machine learning and voice to build an AI-powered digital assistant. He is currently leading a team of practicing surgeons, engineers and other healthcare professionals to create innovative solutions to improve healthcare and eliminate doctor burnout. Suki recently gained recognition as the Best New Startup by Rock Health’s Top 50 in Digital Health for 2019.

Prior to starting Suki, Punit was the Chief Product Officer of Flipkart, a $15B Indian ecommerce company. Punit also held several positions during his years at Google including: VP of Product at Motorola; Lead PM at Google+ Mobile and Google Mobile Apps; PM at News, News Archive and Search. His background also includes startup experience in the enterprise software space. He graduated with a MBA from Wharton and with a MS/BS in Electrical Engineering.

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