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Conversations between VCs and entrepreneurs typically occur in boardrooms or coffee shops. In the Breaking Health Podcast, you get a seat at the table. Healthcare VC Stephen Krupa, Managing Director of the Psilos Group, brings his investor insight to revealing conversations with the most disruptive CEOs in healthcare. Listen to understand how these leaders are building the companies – and fostering the cultures – that will change everything.

Cory Kidd Reveals How Catalia Health and Mabu Can Help Patients Care for Themselves

July 28, 2017


Cory Kidd, PhD, has spent two decades working at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Today, Dr. Kidd is CEO and Founder of Catalia Health, a company launching Mabu, a tablet built into a sculpted, stylized body that’s designed to serve as a personal healthcare companion for patients at home. The robot converses with patients every day, adapting to their individual behaviors and preferences. It reminds patients to take medications, asks how they are feeling, and contacts their caregiver if necessary. Catalia conducted a series of studies over two years using six different types of robots. One clinical trial involved 45 patients using the robot in their homes for two months. At the end of the study, Catalia found that the patients had dressed them up with hats and scarves and every single person had named their robot. In just an average of two to three minutes a day of interaction, it was very clear a relationship had developed. Dr. Kidd is adamant that he does not seek to replace care providers but to augment the relationship and allow for more effective early intervention. That rests on the ability to use AI algorithms to construct conversations that are the most useful for each person at a given time. Using that personalization to build up the relationship leads patients to stay with their treatment longer. Others are seeing the potential in Mabu: Catalia has raised $2.5 million in a round led by Khosla Ventures this spring. Additional investments came from new investors NewGen Capital and Macnica Ventures and existing investors Q Venture Partners Limited, InnoLinks Ventures, Abstract by Flight.VC, DeNA, and Lucky Capital. This brings the company’s total funding to $3.75 million. Healthcare costs in the US top $3 trillion a year. With about half of American adults living with at least one chronic condition, something that can have an impact is a welcome new technology. Dr. Kidd says Mabu costs less than having a home health nurse visit a patient even once a week. “This is the kind of technology that’s going to help all of us live longer, happier, healthier lives,” he predicts.


Cory Kidd

Founder & CEO

Catalia Health

Dr. Cory Kidd is the founder and CEO of Catalia Health, a patient care management company. The company develops a hardware and software platform that uses a combination of psychology and artificial intelligence to engage patients through interactive conversations. These conversations happen through mobile, web, and interactive robotic interfaces; together these interfaces create a relationship that can reach patients at any time they need support. The data reported back through the system gives Catalia Health’s customers valuable information to understand the daily activities and needs of their patients. Dr. Kidd is a serial entrepreneur who has been working in healthcare technology for nearly two decades. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. at the MIT Media Lab in human-robot interaction and his B.S. in Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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