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Conversations between VCs and entrepreneurs typically occur in boardrooms or coffee shops. In the Breaking Health Podcast, you get a seat at the table. Healthcare VC Stephen Krupa, Managing Director of the Psilos Group, brings his investor insight to revealing conversations with the most disruptive CEOs in healthcare. Listen to understand how these leaders are building the companies – and fostering the cultures – that will change everything.

CEO Fay Rotenberg on how Firefly Health is Striving for Half Priced Healthcare that is Twice as Good

April 28, 2021


Having been both an operator and an investor in the healthcare industry, Fay Rotenberg knows the challenges and silos all too well. She was encouraged when she first met the co-founders of Firefly Health though. Initially, she had agreed to meet with them 1 day per week, then that grew to 2 days per week, then 3, and before she knew it, she joined the company as President and CEO about 3 years ago. Firefly is striving to shift healthcare from episodic to continuous care. They are a virtual-first clinical network consisting of primary care, behavioral health, and specialty care, all accessible via a world-class navigation platform. Think of Firefly as a mini and virtual Kaiser, as they are now also expanding into full benefit models for employers. By reducing costs and improving outcomes, they have begun to achieve concierge medicine at scale. Patients interact with their platform an average of 41 times per year and receive a response within 5 minutes, while doctors also love being part of their team-based care approach, as it allows them to focus on tasks that are most value added for them. Tune into this episode to learn more about Firefly Health, as host Steve Krupa chats with Fay on the company’s mission to provide half priced health care that is twice as good, its start with insurers as original customers (now somewhat competitors), its growth to over 50 employees, and its future including developing a health plan replacement for employers.


Fay Rotenberg


Firefly Health

Fay Rotenberg is the President and CEO of Firefly Health, a virtual-first primary care, behavioral health, and specialty care service. Firefly combines supreme convenience and proactive behavior support with intelligent navigation of the healthcare system to provide care that is twice as good for half the price. Fay brings dynamic experience as a Healthcare Founder, CEO, Venture Investor, and Developer to this role.

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