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Conversations between VCs and entrepreneurs typically occur in boardrooms or coffee shops. In the Breaking Health Podcast, you get a seat at the table. Healthcare VC Stephen Krupa, Managing Director of the Psilos Group, brings his investor insight to revealing conversations with the most disruptive CEOs in healthcare. Listen to understand how these leaders are building the companies – and fostering the cultures – that will change everything.

CEO Darin Brannan Shares How ClearDATA Is Building a Safe Place in the Cloud for Healthcare Players

October 20, 2017


ClearDATA Co-founder, CEO and President Darin Brannan says his father, uncles and brother are all physicians. “I’m sort of the black sheep out in Silicon Valley,” Brannan tells Steve Krupa in this week’s Breaking Health podcast. But he found honorable work, first as a venture capitalist at firm’s like Norwest Venture Partners, and then as an entrepreneur. Brannan earned a place in his family’s good graces helped start ClearDATA. “For the past six years I have been immersed in the evolution of healthcare IT, which is fantastically exciting, not only because I am welcomed back into the family fold,” he said. Brannan says many forces, including the passage of the HITECH act, allowed him to finally answer the all of his physician family members who were asking him to bring Silicon Valley advances into healthcare. In this podcast, Brannan introduces ClearDATA, provider of a secure, HITRUST-certified healthcare managed cloud system that serves more than 350,000 healthcare professionals looking to safeguard healthcare data. The company counts The Cleveland Clinic, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey among its success stories. Brannan also shares the challenges of running a SaaS (software as a service) business in health care and getting healthcare data onto the cloud. ClearDATA counts Norwest, Flare Capital Partners, Merck, Excel Venture Management, Heritage Group and HLM Venture Partners among its investors.


Darin Brannan

Co-founder, President & CEO


Mr. Brannan has 22 years combined experience as an entrepreneur, public company executive, and venture capitalist. Most recently, Mr. Brannan founded, a leading Cloud Computing/SaaS provider. He raised $65M from leading VC firms, growing the company to 700+ employees and achieving a successful IPO, with a market value reaching $1.9B. Previously, he founded Verio, the largest global cloud hosting company, raising over $1B in capital, growing the company to 2,500 employees, $325M in revenue and achieving a successful IPO ($1.2B market cap), shortly afterwards Verio sold to NTT for $6.1B in cash (the largest U.S. technology acquisition by a foreign company). While at Verio, Mr. Brannan wrote the business plan and helped launch VIANet, an international version of Verio, which also achieved a successful IPO with a market value exceeding $3.5B. Mr. Brannan also managed 34 M&A transactions as part of combined organic and inorganic strategies to achieve market leadership positions. Prior to his start-up and executive experience, Mr. Brannan worked at two leading Venture Capital Firms, Norwest Venture Partners and Burr, Egan, Deleage & Company, where he helped form companies and played an active role in evaluating and guiding investments in over a dozen private companies that achieved successful IPO’s.

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