Title LetsGetChecked CEO Peter Foley Shares the Roots of this Fast Rising Start-Up; Hear More at DHIS

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Summary Breaking Health Host Steve Krupa catches up with Peter Foley, founder and CEO of LetsGetChecked, a company that’s empowering patients to monitor their own health through diagnostic tests. Hear how Foley and his team built patient convenience into a powerful business.

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Foley Peter

Peter Foley

Founder and CEO


Peter Foley is the CEO and founder of LetsGetChecked, a health insights platform which allows consumers to access laboratory testing and clinical support services in the home.

Peter has always been passionate about making healthcare patient-led, and allowing consumers to be part of the diagnostic testing process and not once removed. What sparked the idea for LetsGetChecked was a personal experience which resulted in Peter not having access to diagnostic testing in a time of need.

Prior to LetsGetChecked, Foley worked in a number of consultancy roles, specializing in the fields of healthcare strategy, planning, and facility development, as well as completing a law degree and masters qualification in ICD-10 coding.

As CEO and founder of LetsGetChecked, Peter is committed to putting people in the driving seat and making them part of the diagnostic testing process. The purpose of the company is to give people the knowledge that they need, to live healthier, happier lives.

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