Simple Contacts CEO Joel Wishkovsky – App Isn’t for Everyone

Breaking Health Podcast | Episode 114


Founder and CEO Joel Wishkovsky created Simple Contacts’ phone-based app to save contact lens wearers time and money when they need a new supply of lenses but not a new prescription. Ophthalmologists are funding the company and conducting the remote examinations. But the firm isn’t seen favorably by optometrists, who stand to lose a steady stream of business.

Podcast Guest

Joel Wishkovsky

Joel Wishkovsky

Founder & CEO

Simple Contacts

After facing his own health scare a few years back, Joel Wishkovsky has been on a mission to completely revolutionize direct-to-consumer healthcare. Today, Joel is the Founder and CEO of Simple Contacts, a New York-based refill service for contact lenses that allows patients to avoid unnecessary visits to the optometrist's office. He is also the founder of Sols Systems, a developer of customized wearables that was acquired in 2017, and was instrumental in launching Smart Vision Labs. Prior to founding Simple Contacts, Joel worked for General Electrics. As a leading voice in digital health and telemedicine, Joel is also an early investor in several healthcare startups including Everlywell, Parsley Health, and Standard Cyborg.

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