New Verana CEO Miki Kapoor Explains Why He Couldn’t Resist the Opportunity to Lead the Data Company

Breaking Health Podcast | Episode 112


Verana Health, formerly known as DigiSight, is hoping to partner with clinical societies to build a deep cache of EHR data for pharma and medtech companies. The firm already is working with the American Academy of Ophthalmology, making its IRIS database available to commercial partners. Verana expects to create similar relationships with other clinical societies.

Podcast Guest

Miki Kapoor

Miki Kapoor


Verana Health

Miki Kapoor is President and CEO of Verana Health. With two decades of diverse experience exclusively in healthcare – in operations, finance, strategy and policy – Miki has a notably broad perspective on the U.S. healthcare system. Prior to joining Verana, Miki was CEO of Tea Leaves Health, a healthcare data company focused on health system strategic growth. Previously, Miki was President of Everyday Health, a publicly traded company that he directed toward utilizing vast amounts of consumer and medical data for effective patient and physician communication. Both companies exited through strategic acquisitions.

Miki also served as the Head of the Global Payer and Provider Division for IMS Health, Executive Vice President of Health Systems for the Clinton Foundation, and has advised healthcare executives at McKinsey & Company and on Wall Street. He is a Fulbright Fellow and formerly a visiting professor at two universities.

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