Simple Contacts CEO Joel Wishkovsky – App Isn’t for Everyone

Breaking Health Podcast | Episode 114

Founder and CEO Joel Wishkovsky created Simple Contacts’ phone-based app to save contact lens wearers time and money when they need a new supply of lenses but not a new prescription. Ophthalmologists are funding the company and conducting the remote examinations. But the firm isn’t seen favorably by optometrists, who stand to lose a steady…

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New Verana CEO Miki Kapoor Explains Why He Couldn’t Resist the Opportunity to Lead the Data Company

Breaking Health Podcast | Episode 112

Verana Health, formerly known as DigiSight, is hoping to partner with clinical societies to build a deep cache of EHR data for pharma and medtech companies. The firm already is working with the American Academy of Ophthalmology, making its IRIS database available to commercial partners. Verana expects to create similar relationships with other clinical societies.

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