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The Burgess Group CEO, Greg Burgess: From Music Career to Crisis Leadership, and the Journey in Between

BH135 Podcast

Greg discusses his early days as a professional musician and shows how creativity and problem-solving helped transition his career into software development, and led him to working in healthcare, helping providers and patients by innovating payment data. He discusses developing new, data-enabled products and using advancements in tech to expand a company footprint.

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CEO Ardy Arianpour Says Seqster Will Unite Healthcare Data, Empower Patients, and Lower Costs

Breaking Health Podcast | Episode 130

In this podcast, Ardy Arianpour, CEO of Seqster (pronounced Seekster), shares the origin story for creating what he calls, “the of health care.” Seqster is creating a clear, direct, one-password-only channel between patients and ALL their healthcare data – EHR, genetic and fitness, etc. The start-up is marking its offering to payers and providers…

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VitalConnect CEO Nersi Nazari Discusses Company’s Fully Disposable, Functionally Indispensable Tech

Breaking Health Podcast | Episode 129

VitalConnect CEO Nersi Nazari talks data with Host Steve Krupa in this episode of the Breaking Health podcast. VitalConnect has developed a line of sensors capable of tracking conditions of patients at home and in the hospital. According to the company, its VitalPatch wearable biosensor is a lightweight, wireless, and records eight patient vital signs.…

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Can Suki Be the Largest, Most Interesting Tech Company Ever Built? Ask CEO Punit Soni

BH 127

Punit Soni’s LinkedIn profile includes Intel, Google, and Motorola. But Soni tells the Breaking Health podcast that he believes the “largest, most interesting” tech company will be in health care. Can Suki be that company? Soni sees an enormous opportunity to help physicians be physicians by replacing keyboards with AI-enabled digital assistants that can record…

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